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by Carolyn L.


I was a closet smoker, smoking 1 to 3 packs a day. I was not able to function on a daily basis, smoking was affecting every area of my life. I felt that I was in a prison. After 3 days I was desperate and needed immediate help. I called the clinic and they were able to fit me in the same day. They saved my life. The therapist was the most pleasant, compassionate, and understanding. He was very professional, kind and attentive. I was able to phone him or text him any time of the day. He was always there to respond and listen to me. Many times he was there to calm me and reassure me, and encourage me. For me I don’t know where I would be without him and the Stop Smoking Clinic. I highly recommend anyone that is trying to quit smoking to call the Stop Smoking Clinic immediately. It really works. I am so grateful to the Stop Smoking Clinic. Thank you for giving me my freedom and my life back. P.S. I stopped smoking after the first treatment. I am now proud to say that I am a non-smoker and have regained my life back.


by Chris


Did the job with one treatment!


by Wilfred S.


I have been smoking for 15 years and I tried to quit so many times and those attempts made me a hard-core smoker even worse. When I first heard about laser treatment for smoking cessation, I thought it was just another scam. I had to see it myself so I tried and it really worked. Thank-you for helping me quit smoking for good. I highly recommend this treatment to every smoker who really want to quit smoking. It does work, it for yourself!


by George


For me the problem was more the habit from years of smoking than the actual cravings itself. During the treatment the therapist went over these triggers and habits and did a great job making me aware of these and ways to cope with them. Thanks to Stop Smoking Clinic I\'m finally free from this nasty habit.