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Giving up smoking is crucial to improving your health, but it is often challenging and daunting. Nicotine is highly addictive, and withdrawal symptoms can be challenging to manage. Fortunately, laser quit smoking therapy is a safe and effective way to quit smoking without drugs or side effects.

At Anne Penman’s Laser Stop Smoking Clinic in Toronto, we use Level Laser Therapy to target laser acupuncture points around your ears, nose, mouth, wrists, and hands. This helps release endorphins, the feel-good chemical you usually get when you puff on a cigarette. By balancing these endorphins, our laser quit smoking program can reduce the effects of cravings and other nicotine withdrawal symptoms.


Our laser therapy for smoking cessation is a cold laser that is non-invasive and painless. It’s completely safe and drug-free, making it an ideal choice for smokers who want to quit without medication. Many clients are smoke-free after just one treatment, and for those who require additional support, we offer a second treatment for free.

Our smoking cessation program addresses the physical and psychological aspects of quitting smoking. We provide guidance and counselling to help you manage your mental and emotional triggers, and our 24-hour support line is available to ensure that you stay focused and remain smoke-free for good.

One of the benefits of Anne Penman’s Laser Quit Smoking Therapy is that it has no side effects. Unlike nicotine replacement therapy, such as nicotine patches or gum, laser quit smoking therapy is not associated with weight gain or other adverse side effects.

If you’re looking for a drug-free and side-effect-free way to quit smoking, laser therapy for smoking cessation may be the solution you’ve been searching for. At Anne Penman’s Laser Stop Smoking Clinic in Toronto, we are committed to helping you quit smoking and stay smoke-free for life.

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Q & A

What is laser quit smoking therapy?

Laser quit smoking therapy is a smoking cessation method that uses low-level laser therapy to help smokers quit smoking. The laser treatment targets specific acupuncture points on the body, releasing endorphins and stimulating neurotransmitters that help reduce nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

How does laser therapy to quit smoking work?

It works by using low-level laser therapy to stimulate specific acupuncture points on the body. Endorphins are stimulated by this, and they aid to lessen withdrawal symptoms and nicotine cravings. In addition, the treatment helps to activate neurotransmitters that can aid in lowering tension and anxiety, which are frequently linked to smoking.

What are the benefits of quit smoking laser?

A high success rate, the absence of side effects or discomfort, and speedy smoking cessation are all advantages of this therapy. It is also a comprehensive strategy without the need of medications, making it a risk-free and all-natural option to stop smoking.

Is laser to quit smoking an effective treatment?

With a claimed success rate of up to 80%, it has been proven to be a successful treatment for quitting smoking. The severity of addiction and the person can affect the success percentages, though.

How many laser treatments are required?

Typically, one or two treatments is all that’s required for you to quit. Booster treatments are available and are recommended for those with more severe nicotine addictions. The treatments are typically spaced one week apart.

Are there any side effects of quit smoking laser therapy?

There are no known side effects for this treatment. It is a painless and effective method of smoking cessation therapy.

Is there any additional support offered with quit smoking laser?

Yes, some laser centres may offer additional support, such as behavior modification deals, guidance on healthy lifestyles, and support groups. Combined with Anne Penmans therapy is counseling during the session.

How long does each quit smoking laser treatment take?

The intial treatment takes about 1 hour. Booster treatments typically takes between 30 to 45 minutes.

Can laser treatment to quit smoking help with weight loss?

A lot of smokers acquire weight after stopping, thus laser cease smoking may aid with weight reduction. The procedure can aid in weight reduction by lowering stress levels and raising metabolic rate.

Can laser treatment to quit smoking help with other addictions?

Although low-level laser treatment is primarily created to assist smokers in quitting, some studies have found that it may also be useful in treating other addictions, such as vaping and drug use disorder.

Is laser therapy effective to quit smoking?

Absolutely, laser stop smoking is a successful way of treatment. It targets certain acupuncture spots on the body with low-level laser therapy, which helps to produce endorphins and lessen cravings for nicotine. This program has a high success rate and takes a comprehensive approach to helping patients stop smoking.

What is the success rate of laser therapy quit smoking?

This therapy has a high success rate of up to 85% for those who complete the treatment program. This success rate is higher than other cessation methods such as nicotine replacement therapies or medications.

Is quit smoking with laser covered by insurance?

Laser stop smoking treatments may incur additional costs and are not normally reimbursed by insurance. To find out if your insurance provider covers smoking cessation programs, it is best to check with them directly.

Can laser  be combined with other smoking cessation methods?

Yes, it can be combined with other smoking cessation methods such as behavior modification deals or pharmaceuticals. However, it is always best to consult with a physician before combining different cessation methods.

What should I expect during my first quit smoking laser treatment?

The laser stop smoking specialist will locate particular acupuncture points on your body during your initial session and utilize low-level laser therapy to target those spots. You should experience no pain or discomfort throughout the non-invasive, calming therapy.

What happens if I still have cravings after the quit smoking laser treatment?

After the therapy, some cravings are common, but they should eventually go away. You can come back for further assistance and treatment to help you stop smoking if you still experience cravings.

Is there a clinic for laser quit smoking near me?

Yes, the Anne Penman Laser Therapy has clinics worldwide. In Ontario, there is one in Toronto and Richmond Hill.

Who is Anne Penman?

Scottish nurse Anne Penman has established herself as a major authority on laser therapy-assisted smoking cessation. She established Anne Penman Laser Therapy, a business that provides laser therapy to aid with weight reduction, stress alleviation, and smoking cessation. She has more than 20 years of expertise in the area and has helped thousands of patients quit smoking. Also, Anne Penman has instructed other medical specialists in the application of laser therapy for smoking cessation. Her approach is holistic and individualized, combining laser therapy with behavior modification techniques to increase the chances of success.

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